The Chinese Year of the Pig brings ozone and healing over the hare's objects.

On 20.07.2017, 110 litres of rain per square meter fell in Cologne within 24 hours. The storage of the artist duo bergernissen was flooded completely. Many works were destroyed. On 14.07.2018, exactly one year later, in their new studio at Bonner Kunstverein, a condenser, overheated by the summer sun, exploded during the World Cup finals. Highly toxic and liquid PCB was spread out in the studio. All the artists and five firefighters in the studio at the time had to be decontaminated in a hospital in Bonn for six hours. Afterwards, it was forbidden to enter the studio for three months. Much of the inventory, including many works of art, film rolls and installation materials, had to be thrown out, decontaminated or destroyed.

The exhibition and the opening performance at GEMEINDE KÖLN, in a sense, is an allegorical healing procedure. The forbidden - contaminated by PCB - and destroyed objects from the studio and storage are presented here for the first and last time. Visitors can observe the performance during the opening evening from the outside space or enter the interior in small groups with the help of protective clothing and observe the process from close up.



Finissage performance

On the 22.02.2019, the exhibition was closed by a performance in which the exposition was build down live.
Accompanied by two remote-controlled drones, an experimental, performative male voice choir (Simon Rummel, Manfred Rücker, Leonhard Huhn, Fabian Jung), 100 candles and two securtiy officers (Milica Lopici and Thorsten Krämer), the artists build down the exhibition completely, in front of the audience.

Initially, the audience was led out of the exhibition space by two performers, the security officer. Two drones then inspected the room. Then the artists came in protective suits and masks and dismantled the exhibition, while the audience watched from the outside and the choir musically accompanied the happening. After all contaminated works of art, except the sculptural object in the middle, were removed, the floor was cleaned. The choir then led the audience back into the exhibition space.

One of the drones flew into the room with the "soul" of the last contaminated object. The "Soul," an object of pyro mat attached to the drone, exploded above the contaminated sculpture. After the burning of the "soul", the security officers distributed candles to the visitors, who could be lit and placed on the object. The choir accompanied the ritual until the last candle went out.